Tainted Water and a Shortage on the Horizon

Are you ready to die ?  That’s right I asked you if you were ready to die?  Die for that drink of water that is! The shocking news being reported to you about the Water Crisis is happening around the world is true. Shocking Truths thought that we’d let you know about some water epidemics that the rest of the world already knows but the United States has their eyes blindly closed to. The Flint Michigan Water Crisis was a wake-up call for some in the United States of America.

The fact that our government would sell out the people and poison them to put a little money in their pocket should not be that shocking these days. Now the crisis of water in Michigan is reaching the Deep South and Midwest grabbing the state of Texas. Texas is reporting dangerous amounts of arsenic in their water. That’s right it seems as if the fresh water sources around the United States are being poisoned. Are you curious to as whose poisoning these water sources? Nine times outta ten this poisoning is happening by politicians and corporations. It’s not the little guy going fishing that’s polluting these waters.

It’s corporations and companies that are dumping millions of gallons of garbage and toxic debris into our waters. It’s our politicians that are storing millions of gallons of toxic chemicals deep within our ground where they are not seen for-profit thinking it will hurt nobody. Shocking news is if we don’t do something about the abuse of our planet and its natural resources soon it will not matter because we will not be alive to worry about it.

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