Thanks to Man, Gorilla Species is Going Extinct

Believe it or not thanks to man it is being suggested that yet another species is added to the critically endangered IUCN list of threatened species. This time, it is the Grauer gorilla that is becoming endangered. According to a recent survey led by the wildlife conservation survey and Fauna and Flora International, the number of rare gorillas has decreased substantially since 1995.

In fact, the number of species alive today have dropped over 77% in the past two decades. It was estimated that there were approximately 17,000 of these guerrillas in 1995 and it is estimated that only 3,800 are alive today. Leaders of this survey and report found that their numbers had in significantly decreased due to a combination of habitat loss, prior civil unrest, and illegal hunting around mining sites and settlements.

It may come shocking to some that this is a result of man but if you look through history every great species that has became an endangered or extinct has been because of actions taken by the human population. Many people see these animals as a nuisance but what people do not remember and often forget is that we are actually guests in their habitat not the other way around.

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