Thanks to Vigilant Cops, These Girl Scout Cookies Never Made it to the Streets

Shocking news just coming in across the press is that police arrested a Girl Scout troop on their way to a weekend festival / Jamboree where they were going to set up a booth and sell Girl Scout cookies. Girl Scout cookies of course are the name of a harmful type of Marijuana. Apparently these Girl Scout cookies lead to jazz music and other things. Police being the sneaky individuals that they are found out about this event on the Facebook service. While snooping private citizens accounts, they came across two 11-year-old girls who are talking about selling a large amount of Girl Scout cookies.


These officers being the quick thinking individuals that they are knew right away how bad and dangerous these Girl Scout cookies could be. In an effort to help enforce their federal Brothers prohibition they arranged a sting operation to take down these two dangerous Girl Scout cookie sellers.


The two girls were not alone when police confronted them. They were in a church band with 14 other Girl Scout members. The van was loaded down with Girl Scout cookies. Police are calling this one of the biggest busts in the area. They took all of the Girl Scouts and the Girl Scout cookies back to the station for processing. Thanks to the vigilant efforts of these officers these dangerous Girl Scouts are no longer on the street selling girl scout cookies.

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