That Dog Did What Before it Licked Me

Some people out there don’t mind to have their dogs lick them in the face however this can be a very unhealthy habit of condoning. Not only is it slightly unsanitary it’s disgusting. Dogs lick their genitals as well as their butts and other things and then lick you in the face.

If you’ve heard the old folklore that a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s then perhaps you may believe everything you hear. This is not true. No matter who told it to you. Dogs mouths and human’s mouths both contain bacteria. When compared only 16% of this bacteria is the same. This leaves 84% of bacteria in a dog’s mouth that is foreign to a human.

The shocking truth is when dogs lick their butt, eat dead stuff off the ground, or chew on old things that it found laying around, all of these things attach themselves to the dog’s saliva. Should the saliva make its way into your mouth, it can lead to periodontal disease as well as gingivitis. Many people are just not aware of that a dog licking you in the face is not a good idea, and when they find this information out to them, it’s a shocking truth.


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