That Don’t Go There

WTF! That don’t go there! This is a common phrase surprisingly in today’s society. You’d be amazed what people try to put where they’re not supposed to. Get your mind out of the gutter because you’re blocking my view if you think this is only about perversions. People will try to do some pretty strange stuff. For some reason people think they have the superhuman ability to make these things happen. Just take a look at these photos and think how many different ways you could caption them with the phrase “that don’t belong there.” After looking at just some of these photos, you will understand that when it comes to putting things where they don’t belong people are notoriously famous for doing this. It doesn’t matter how much you try to tell them or teach them some people just will never change plain and simple. That my friends is the shocking truth!

Magnets in Child’s Stomach

Coke Bottle in Colon

Array of Items in Man’s Stomach

A Car in a Tree

A Child Stuck in a Toilet Seat

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