The Alien Invasion Will Begin on New Years


The beginning of the alien invasion of the planet Earth starts on New Years. The government has been working with these aliens. Many believe that they have helped deplete natural resources at alarming rates, and now the planet is in a catastrophic state. As the atmosphere destabilizes and becomes more radioactive and suited for other life people, face the fear of extinction. Some are saying that the alien invasion is going to start taking place on a large scale New Years Eve and New Years Day.


The government has conveniently announced a large meteorite, a meteor shower, and a solar storm that is supposed to allow the aurora borealis to dip into the south as far as Illinois. Those who believe in extraterrestrial life and that the government is, in fact, covering up a massive large-scale operation believe this is nothing more than a typical government cover up for all the activity that will be spotted in the sky on New Years Eve.


Could this be true? Could the government really be conspiring with an alien civilization to help them colonize planet Earth? Even more so did they actually come in contact with aliens on Mars and now only a select few will be allowed to leave the dying planet Eart? If you doubt the solidity and truth to this story just look into the most basic and the essential of natural resources on our planet, water, and see if the statistics don’t alarm you.  Let’s hope it’s not true but it’s enough to make me wonder.


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