The Aliens are Here and They Are Down There

The shocking truth is, we know aliens exist! As Molder said the truth is out there. When it comes to aliens, they’re not always little green guys with antennas like people might think. There are many aliens on our planet that we are unfamiliar with. Take for example the vast oceans which surround our world. There is an uncharted world which lies beneath the glittering surface.

This world is full of mystique and mystery. And she captivates the minds of marine biologists and aquatic scientists worldwide. This mystery gives birth to amazing projects such as the Mariana Trench project.

The shocking truth is aliens are out there and if you want to see them you just simply have to log into the Mariana Trench Project Expedition and watch it in real time. Chances are you’ll see a real life alien pass by right before your eyes. After all, we know all the jellyfish came here from Mars.


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