The Aliens Are Making Contact But Were Are To Un-advanced to Hear Them

Aliens have been trying to contact Earth for quite some time in the shocking truth is they have finally made contact! SETI scientists have confirmed what many people have thought for generations, and that is aliens have been trying to contact Earth. The major issue with scientists and the scientific community according to Dr. Nathalie Cabro is that human beings are not advanced enough to hear them. Signals sent from alien life can simply not be heard by human beings because we do not possess the capability or technology to understand this unique form of language and communication.

Shepard Smith reported wide-eyed and bushy-tailed on this extraterrestrial phenomenal. As he was reporting on these extraterrestrial intelligence, he was told in his earpiece to cut the feed. He decided to push forward and got a quote from Dr. Cabral that said

“I believe our generation will see it happen the first discovery of alien life will, in my opinion, come first in our own neighborhood the next decade promises to be extremely exciting.”

According to scientists, aliens are using super sophisticated technology while we are still using tin cans and ropes to communicate. These cracker jack box scientists are the same ones that determined that cows don’t actually have spots. The spots are on the cows in the pattern grows around them. Thanks to these geniuses we still know nothing about extraterrestrial life.

There’s speculation comes at a cost I’m sure millions of dollars that you’re spending wasteful research such as this. The shocking truth is apparently any idiot can be a scientist anymore. Also, why do all scientists have such huge foreheads? Just a question. I’m beginning to think that there are aliens hiding inside of their human bodies becausenormal individuals do not have foreheads this big!


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