They Bearly Got Anything Right With This Mans Order for Slippers

The shocking truth is when you order something online nowadays you better be careful because you might not get what you expect. There are many different ways in which your order can go extremely wrong. This is just the case for a man by the name of Tom Boddingham.

Tod is a normal guy like everybody else who is busy with school and work but wanted a pair of slippers none the less. He found a unique pair of bear claw like slippers that look to be exactly what he wanted. These were not the type of slippers you could get them just any old store so he decided he was going to buy the ones he found online.

The only problem is the manufacturer missed a decimal point in the order and when Tom got his slipper he got more than he bargained for. He ended up with an oversized slipper that was big enough to be a bed. One thing you can say about this bed is it is bear-y nice.

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