The Beauty Pageant Winner Who Ate a 10,000 Calorie Cake in Less Than 15 Minutes

We have heard of having the munchies before, but not quite like this!


A poor beauty queen or should I say former beauty queen by the name of Nela Zisser, who was the 2013 Miss Earth New Zealand starved herself for years in preparation for this beauty pageant. This poor girl was so hungry that after winning the beauty pageant in 2013 she turned to YouTube where now she eats. And she eats a lot!

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 See what she looks like in the video below as she celebrates eating a 10,000 calorie cake. Not only does she to 10,000 calorie cake but she eats this cake in less than 15 minutes. There are various YouTube videos that you can watch with warfing down all sorts of grub.



She has done things in the past that she is eating 10 scorpions during a visit to Thailand, and she attempted to eat 100 cheeseburgers in one sitting. One of the worst things that she did was recently trying to eat an entire flaming dragon. Either Nela Zisser is really high on some California cannabis or this girl has one hell of a metabolism!


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