The Bermuda Triangle May Be the Home of Something Out of this World


The Hurricanes and storms that have been occurring over the years have increased while also getting stronger and more violent. They come out of nowhere full force and have devastating effects. The weird combination of floods and droughts makes for some strange weather that is almost unpredictable. The storms that are coming out of the oceans, however, seem to show a pattern. Unfortunately, the pattern is showing that they are becoming increasingly stronger and very sporadic. Many believe that these storms are not actually a natural occurrence but rather a side effect of man.


In particularly the side effect of corporations and governments working together on what appears to be oil platforms in the middle of the ocean. These oil rigs are actually part of a network of underwater laboratory facilities that are studying the powers and concept behind harnessing nuclear fusion. The tests that are being done generate anomalies in the weather due to the splitting of particles and atoms under the ocean. The Bermuda Triangle is said to have been the base of these government operations.


Apparently aliens at one time were operating in the Bermuda Triangle back in the early 1900’s when man started developing powerful weapons. Many say that several of the wars we had up until the Vietnam War were cover-ups revolved around taking over these alien bases and annihilating the alien life form. Many believe this is why technological advancements have gone as far as they have in such a short amount of time. Who knows anything’s possible.

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