The Bison Aren’t Your Friends

Public service announcement for those without common sense wildlife such as bison is not to be f***** with. Don’t try to pet them. Don’t try to approach them. And definitely don’t try to take selfies with them that is unless you have a death wish. Without any sarcasm whatsoever though Yellowstone Park is urging visitors to not try and do ridiculous things such as these when you come in contact with these animals. Over the last few years, there have been several reports of people getting mauled when trying to take selfies with these animals.

bison 1

In fact, the Bison have become more intimidating and dangerous than even the grizzly bears that walk the land. Some believe it is because bison are a symbol of America, and they are pissed about what it is turning into. They are also pissed because we continue to destroy their habitats, their homes and some even try to make a mockery of them by posing for selfies. Wake up people and leave these animals be.

bison 2

If it were not for stupid actions by humans they would be much more abundant today and maybe perhaps they would like us and be “down” for taking selfies with us, but the shocking truth is humans are the enemies to many animals. Not because they are vicious creatures but because humans have done nothing but harm them for centuries.

According to

“Last year, five people were injured by bison in Yellowstone.

• A woman and her daughter made national headlines by posing for a selfie near a bison. It charged and threw the woman in the air.

• A 16-year-old girl was gored while she was posing for a picture between three and six feet from a bison.

• A 62-year-old Australian man was tossed into the air while taking pictures from between three and five feet away.

• A 19-year-old was gored after he finished swimming in the Firehole River one night.

• A 68-year-old woman was gored while hiking on the Storm Point trail.”


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