The Brain is Magical and This Further Proves It

The shocking truth is that things you learned are learned through algorithms, and they can be unlearned as well as taught differently. This concept is foreign to many individuals. The idea of riding a bicycle backward or looking at a newspaper upside down and being able to ride coherently or read is absurd. However, this idea is gaining more solidity as people are proving this is a true fact. A woman in Siberia by the name of Bojana Danilovic proves to science and the world around her that this is actually something that exists and is very factually possible. She reads her newspaper everyday upside down and is able to take in the information just the way that somebody else would.

In fact, her whole world is in an essence upside down. When it comes to books and newspapers as well as her computer monitor, everything must be upside down. Optics that take place between the eyes and brain have a unique backward effect that science can’t pinpoint. She gets around just fine but when it comes to reading it’s always done upside down. This is much like the individual who was determined to ride the backward bicycle.

Everything on his bicycle was normal except for the handlebars. When you turn left the wheel went right and when you want turn to right the wheel goes left. It took this gentleman eight months to learn to ride this bicycle. He had his four-year-old son attempt to learn to ride this bicycle as well. It took his four-year-old son two weeks to learn to do what it had taken him eight months to do. Just goes to show the shocking truth is the mind is a very majestic thing.

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