The Carolina’s Are Moving Their Borders

The shocking truth is despite all the things that technology helps us to accomplish it can be quite a pain in the ass for some individuals. This is proving to be the truth for a lady named So Martin who until just recently was a resident of South Carolina. The original boundary lines of South Carolina and North Carolina were established under an English king in the 18th century.

When the original boundary lines were surveyed decades ago, they were actually several hundred feet off according to new boundary lines established by GPS technology that confirms the precise location of the boundary lines established by the above-mentioned English king down to the centimeter. Upon this change, it resulted in 19 households being rezoned as being located in North Carolina rather than South Carolina.

This brought upon quite the hassle for Mrs. Martin. Not only does she have to change her address and phone number she also has to change the deed on her home and is most likely also looking at a property tax increase. If that wasn’t enough, she also has to worry because her 89-year-old husband currently has home bound healthcare that may not be provided or covered by Medicaid in North Carolina. The shocking truth is if something has been working there’s no need to change it no matter what technology says.


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