The Cure for Cancer Isn’t a Moon Shot Away, We have It

biden and obama

The President of The United States and future leader of the Planetary Republic Barack Obama along with his second in command in the transitioning phase of the takeover have announced the next stage of their plan. By creating false tensions within the public by using the media, Obama is starting to win when it comes to taking your guns. That was the first step, to disarm the citizens of the country.

moon shot

Next was to force them to carry health care to support the pharmaceutical industry that is helping fund this hostile takeover of American freedoms. Now it is time to place the infection in the people. Would you like to try the outdated theory based on nonsense called a Moon Shot?  Now political leaders are waging an effort to raise hundreds of millions of dollars to cure cancer.


NEWSFLASH! The Cure for Cancer Exist! It’s called cannabis and these greedy pigs know this. they are going to steal years of dedicated research from cannabis growers and breeders and patent it for themselves claiming they own cannabis and the cure for a multitude of the world’s problems.


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