The Curse of the Golden Bong

Archaeologist recently uncovered a unique piece of history. On an archaeological excavation somewhere in Egypt scientist uncovered an ancient golden bong. This golden bomb was used by pharaohs and kings to blaze the sticky icky. This solidifies cannabis as a treat that was enjoyed by royalty. That is the meaning behind the golden bong according to scientists who study ancient Egyptology.

Some say the bong was buried with a pharaoh and should have remained with the Pharaoh. Now the bong is cursed and will destroy all who gaze upon it. Since the removal of this golden bong from its sacred location, many strange things have occurred to the archaeologists that were involved in the expedition. Some have managed to completely vanish without a trace while others mysteriously met their demise.

The last remaining archaeologist is not going to wait to meet his demise. He has decided to meet his maker on his terms if that be the case. Sir Herb DuBong, the original finder of the smoking tool, is reportedly going to pack this bad boy up and blaze away. With any luck, he will get some of that Deathstar and be able to warp away from the curse of the golden bong.

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