The Destruction Must Stop Before the Aliens Get Pissed

An eminent sign that the planet is doomed and an alien invasion is on its way just like in Star Trek 4 the Voyage Home when the Alien Probe started to destroy Earth is here. It is going on right now and the shocking truth is there is not a single person alive on this planet that can stop it or help it. It is the cause and effect of human kind that has ruined this natural wonder. Every man woman and child on the planet is guilty of contributing to the destruction of one of the most sacred things on earth.

The Great Barrier Reef is dying, and it is our fault. Scientists released news this month coming out of the AARC center of excellence for coral reef studies. This news confirmed that the Great Barrier Reef is truly in fact dying. A widespread coral bleaching is occurring. Scientists do not know whether the coral reef will ever be able to fully recover from this devastating disaster. Some would say that the coral reefs are aliens that landed here on Earth thousands of years ago. When the mothership’s come back for them and they are dead, it will be the destruction of everyone on the planet as well.

An estimated 95% of the northern section of the Great Barrier Reef has been severely bleached. This is the worst event recorded of this kind in Maritime history. More than 500 reefs from Papa New Guinea to Karns are affected by this horrible bleaching catastrophe. Somehow or another I know Obama did this. I think the truth will come out when the rest of his species comes to take over the planet. I may be wrong, but I believe he is a life-sucking alien from another world. The coral reef with all its natural beauty and mystique have angered his race for millenniums. He has now finally destroyed them and is working on destroying America with the rest of the world to come.

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