The Dogs are Going to Capital Hill To Let the Other Dogs Have a Day Off

The United States government is sponsoring a new holiday that’s called “Let the dog do it” day in which they would simply let their dogs go to the office and see what gets done. That’s right politicians around the country have come to an anonymous agreement. This agreement is they feel that they all work too hard every day of the week through the entire year. They also feel that they should have a raise in their pay along with an extensive list of bonuses that a company might pay.


With the American people pissed off about how they’re spending money, and many people already realizing they don’t do any work as it is politicians are having a harder time figuring out ways to get out of work. In the past, they could hold secret meetings that didn’t exist. This would give them the ability to not have to show up on Capital Hill. They could instead go fishing, hunting, or poor people bashing whenever they wanted to.

Thanks to the Internet and information technology our political figures now have to answer for where they are and what it is that they are doing. Politicians are starting to realize this. They no longer can go on weekend hunting trips or weekend fishing trips while being on the payroll of US tax paying citizens. Thanks to smartphones as well as all of the spy cameras they have up there, every move is watched too. The shocking truth is nobody is safe from the prying eyes of the cyber community today not even politicians. Since most of them are dogs already, it only makes sense to let the dogs just do it, hell they might get more accomplished.

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