The Earth- Flat or Round?

The shocking truth that the world may just be flat did you know that? When you hear talk about the world being round and the world being flat, you probably go back to history thinking about Christopher Columbus. Many people argue whether the world was round or flat back in the day but thanks to modern science and advancements in technology we understand that our Earth is in fact round. At least that’s what we believe because this is what we are taught many of us have never been to outer space. Nobody really knows for sure whether the Earth is round or flat unless they have seen it with their own eyes.

If you are viewing a picture and believe that the picture you are seeing is true then you my friend are not wise to the amount of deception that can be done in altering images. Why would somebody go through the trouble and hassle of faking the Space Program? Just think of the millions upon millions of millions of dollars and that have gone to private companies and individuals in the name of research. If you’re ever curious as about whether the Earth is, in fact, flat or round, just look at a little bit of the theories surrounding the flat-earth. You may also find Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein to be an interesting subject to look into.

Form your own opinion don’t allow anybody else to influence you into thinking the way they do. When you challenge what you’re taught in school and the way we are taught to think in general sometimes you’re considered a lunatic other times you are considered a visionary. Don’t worry about what people think and formulate an opinion based on your own research that you are confident in. That’s all that matters, and that’s the shocking truth!


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