The Earth is Warming and Food May Soon be Gone

The shocking truth is that it is not going to get any cool anytime soon. The planet Earth is on a warming trend that is setting records every month, every year. Each year it seems new records are broken making the previous year seem minute. Heat records have been increasing around the globe. At the same time, places are not getting enough rain in order to sustain.

This is causing a drought that will inevitably hit the consumer market. When this happens, prices will skyrocket for everything from food to fuel. These prices will stay skyrocketed because it will supposedly take years for the balance to be restored. The problem is none of the corporations that we rely on for our food are interested in procuring methods of sustainable agriculture for the future.

Their only concern is profit. This kind of thinking leads us to only a few options. Learn to grow food yourself. Spend an outrageous price for genetically engineered food from corporations. Or starve to death! Times are changing faster than we can imagine and even quicker than we would like to think. Our planet is heating up perhaps it’s getting a little mad at us. There’s you some shocking truth.


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