The Elephant Warriors are Getting Their Revenge

In this shocking news story, the Elephants are getting their revenge. They are tired of being hunted. They are tired of their tusks being taken, and they are tired of humans destructive intentions towards the majestic wildlife on our planet. This is why the Elephant Warriors have strayed from their herd to let the people know that our actions will no longer be tolerated.

elephant 1

In West Bengal India 4 elephants known as the Elephant Warriors strayed from their herd and wrecked havoc on a few individuals. One elephant attacked and it led to the elephant ultimately killing the 40-year old man. The elephant grabbed the man and violently tossed him into the air. One man was ultimately killed in the attack, and two others were severely injured.


This is only one of the attacks, though. Over the past week, 5 people have been killed by the Elephant Warriors. In another attack by four elephants in Burdwan, a man was killed after walking out of his house. The man was tossed in the air and the viciously trampled. You can view a video of these attacks here.

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