The End of The World As We Know it is A Day Closer

That’s right folks you heard it here first. The shocking truth is that the end of the world as we know it is another day closer to us. Everything that you know is a day closer to not being here including you. If you are reading this right now, you are a day closer to dying. This is not something to work yourself into a panic about, however, this is a normal part of life that is often referred to as the circle of life.

Just because you are a day closer to everything ending doesn’t mean that you have to be. There are ways that we can prolong our time here on Earth. Many people are waking up today and realizing the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle that is balanced with work, play, and exercise. Monsanto is being exposed for the corporate agricultural poisoning murderers that they are on a daily basis. They are losing court cases around the country. They even tried to have their political supporters write in laws to existing American legislation that would protect their corporate executives and the corporation from ever being sued by the public again.

Companies like Purdue Pharma are being exposed for handing out lies along with prescriptions for addiction and death. The very individuals we have been trusting to feed us and look after our health have been doing exactly the opposite. The people feeding us have been producing poisonous foods full of pesticides and fertilizers while the individuals watching after our health have been poisoning us for profit with prescription drugs. The end of the world and life as you know it is another day closer today. Perhaps maybe you will help to add days to that calendar in the future rather than support them being taken away.



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