The Event You Probably Never Heard of But Will Not Want to Miss

What if I were to tell you that when it came to celebrations one of the best celebrations is held in Kawasaki Japan? It’s the celebrations of all celebrations you could almost say everyone had a ball? This particular celebration really was one where you saw a lot of dicks. It seemed like there were people with dicks everywhere. What would make this particular event and celebration even stranger is that people are wandering around everywhere with little penises in their mouth.

People took to the streets to celebrate fertilization and sexual wellness. Prostitutes also took to the streets in hopes of praying they do not catch STDs. Many people believe this is where the individual who was on the subway train and slung around the giant dildo while laughing seriously came from.

Apparently he was on a bad acid trip and never came down from this amazingly odd festival. The shocking truth is people like penises just about everywhere around the world. So when you have a penis party well, it turns out to be fun for everyone. So the next time you hear about a penis party going on you should go. You never know you might just have a ball!

You can see more pics from this festival here.

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