The FBI Isn’t As Stupid As We Thought

The FBI proves that it is not as dumb as everybody previously had suspected. It managed to crack at the San Bernardino Gunman’s iPhone. It also managed to do this without the help of Apple which ended a court case that was costing taxpayers a lot of money. The shocking truth for Apple is their security software can be broken or hacked contrary to what they may have believed.

It may be much harder and complicated compared to other platforms, but it can still be done. Now mysteriously Apple’s iPhones are crashing. Does this have anything to do with their security being breached by the U.S. Government? Some are speculating that the iPhone is crashing because the government has put a program into it to monitor iPhone users around the world. While others say, the iPhone is crashing due to its latest update.

So if you are a terrorist planning to do some nasty s*** don’t use an iPhone because we are listening to you. iPhone may claim that you are not being monitored, but I bet you otherwise. Chock it up for the FBI on being able to crack the iPhone without the help of Apple!

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