The Government is Mass Medicating Us Through Our Drinking Water and It Could Be Deadly

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It would blow the minds of many people living in third world countries if they heard about the United States having perfectly good drinking water and that they add chemicals to it. This is insane in itself when there are children dying every 8 seconds from a water born illness or lack of water. Why would you add chemicals to something that is already safe for consumption? When I talk about chemicals, I am referencing fluoride to be specific.

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The U.S. Government adds fluoride to the drinking water because there is a sliver of a chance that it can have dental benefits. However, there is no scientific proof that countries with fluoridated water have better dental records than countries without fluoridated drinking water. In fact, over 40% of American teenagers have been diagnosed with dental fluorosis that is directly related to overconsumption of fluoride.

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Ok so that’s not really shocking, the US is known for doing all kinds of stupid things, but what is really shocking is that it could be killing people, and they keep doing. There are over 100 studies that show fluoride as being directly linked to many different conditions. Some of these conditions and ailments include muscle disorders, thyroid disease, dementia, disrupted immune system, increased cancer and tumor rates, genetic damage and cell death along with bone fractures, lethargy, arthritis, osteosarcoma, damaged sperm and increased infertility to name just a few.

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This form of mass medicating the public by the actions of the government is not tolerated in other developed countries around the globe. It is high time that this is ended in the United States as well for the sake of health and human rights.

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