The Government Knows About What

The planet is unstable and on the brink of an evolutionary change. People don’t want to except the signs that are happening everywhere. Governments already know about the turmoil that is inevitable. Utah is the state to watch out for. While everyone thinks it will be California that cause the next major natural disaster by snapping off into the ocean the attention should be elsewhere. The polar ice caps are melting and causing an unmeasurable amount of fresh water to enter the oceans. This is causing a change in the salt density and weight distribution of our planets oceans. This is also causing the earth to shift from its current axis.

This change is putting pressure on the Earth’s mantle. This extra stress is bringing on Earthquakes and odd weather patterns. The place you won’t hear about in the news is Utah. While they are having regular quakes coming in at .5 all the way to 4 on a regular basis, we hear nothing of this. The reason why is to prevent mass chaos in America. The government will hang on to order for as long as they can. The fault line that will snap North America in two actually starts in Utah, not California.

Even as you read this article, the shocking truth is that information about the truths are being suppressed from you. There are those who know what is coming and all they are doing about it is making as much money as they can in the meantime. Hollywood really has tried to warn America through the movies as to what’s going on. Partial truths combined with fiction from the mind allow for inquisitive minds to decipher fact from fiction. We couldn’t have everyone realize what’s going to happen at one time now could we.

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