The Government Knows What Goes Bump in the Night

The shocking truth about our military is they are the ones that go bump in the night. When the weather is at its worst and storms are raging the military is actively moving transporting their equipment and top secret items from point A to point Z. They do this in the cover of the storm so that people don’t see what they are up to. Also, should anybody be out in such horrible weather and see them chances are they will miss them because they are paying attention to the weather.

On what was supposed to be a beautiful week the government planes started controlling the skies early one morning. By that afternoon, one of the nastiest storms I have seen in a while started. The rain was coming down intensely, and the lightning was cracking everywhere. Daytime turned into darkness. The sky is lit up like a strobe light giving you quick glimpses of your surroundings.

A strange time for a military convoy to be carrying tanks and heavy weaponry down the road. But this is exactly what was going on. Semis loaded with giant tanks that had missiles on them passed by my house. There was virtually nobody on the road because the weather was so horrible. These semi trucks were being escorted by military Humvees. When I tell people that I saw the missiles going down the road they say you’re crazy that’s not how they transport them. I know what I saw I only wish I could have taken a picture of it to prove it. When you hear something go bump in the night chances are our government is behind it, and that’s the shocking truth.

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