The Government May Not Need Apple – It Just Needs a Hacker


Many people know there has been a battle with privacy going on in the United States of America between the public and the government for decades. The government of the United States of America has been guilty on several occasions of spying on the public as well as citizens in nations around the world. This is all being done in the name of National Intelligence and security. Recently there has been a huge court case going on between Apple and the FBI or the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The problem is that the FBI is wanting Apple to unlock an iPhone that was used by terrorists during an act of terrorism. Apple is unwilling to comply with the FBI not because they support terrorism but because they support the rights of people everywhere. If they were to access this device for the FBI, they would have to do it every time. This is where national security and technology cross one another.

The United States federal government is known for all kinds of slick tactics and I seriously doubt they need Apple to unlock the iPhone in order for them to access it. If Apples encrypted software is this unbreakable perhaps the US government should look at employing Apple as their primary computer supplier. The United States federal government has taken to the streets in an effort to find hackers and crackers that can bust open the Apple iPhone. As they stated they are working on other options and if they pan out the FBI will no longer need Apple.

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