The Government’s Looking For Energon

The shocking truth is our government is not very intelligent. Some of the people that work in our government are practically dinosaurs. In fact, the story kind of has to do with Dinosaurs. There is Antarctic vessel scouring the Arctic Circle looking for Megatron at this moment. Reportedly top official and our government ended up receiving a random email that had an attachment of the Transformers movie on it.

The whole movie did not play but this individual did manage to see the part where Sam’s grandfather fell through the ice uncovering the alien Megatron. Now scientists have conducted studies based on this nonsense and believe that the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs was none other than Megatron, and it affected the Antartic. The viewing of this article except for a new way of thinking and direction of study for science.

Perhaps Megatron and the Transformers really did land on the planet Earth thousands of years ago, and they really did kill off all the dinosaurs to steal their energy and turn it into Energon. Roughly 65 to 69 million years ago it is estimated that the planet Earth had a catastrophic asteroid contact. That 65 – 69 million year cycle is up and our time is here again. You never know but tomorrow could bring it and that is the shocking truth!


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