The Illegal Activity Practiced By Many Utility Providers

The shocking truth is there are companies in America that will profit from your suffering. I’m not talking about pharmaceutical companies either. I’m talking about people like water companies and utility companies. For example, there are places where water companies will take the meter from properties and then try to tell tenants or property owners they have to pay thousands of dollars to get a new one because of somebody else’s negligence.


This process happens all too often in our country and is in fact in most cases illegal. There are many people who go without water or power because companies run a monopoly. There is not supposed to be a monopoly yet somehow loopholes have been taken advantage of, and many have overlooked this in America. The next time somebody tells you that you have to pay some outrageous amount of money because somebody else didn’t pay their bill be sure to second-guess that.

Do a little research and inform the party you are speaking with about services that you are acquiring legal consultation and if they are in violation of any criminal conduct, you will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. The shocking truth is that this might just save you thousands of dollars and a lot of suffering.

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