The Legend Isn’t Even at Rest and the Family is Feuding Over His Fortune

The world was saddened to hear of the loss of Muhammad Ali late last week. The great boxing Legend is expected to be buried in his home town this Wednesday in Kentucky. The shocking truth is however before this man can be laid to rest his family is already feuding over his fortune. Muhammad Ali very well may be the best boxer to ever enter the ring and made a lot of money doing so.

The boxing legend left behind an eighty-million-dollar fortune, and everyone from his ex-wife to his current wife, son, and brother are feuding about how they are going to get their hands on some of the legends hard-earned cash. Radar Online is reporting that his ex-wife is claiming that the legends brother and son are stating that his current wife cut them all out of his will. The shocking truth is some people are so money hungry and greedy that they don’t even pay the proper respect to their loved ones when they pass away.

If you ask me, anyone involved in this feud should not have the ability to touch a single penny of his fortune. If the family is not able to resolve these issues, the money should be donated to help with causes that the great legend was passionate about. The shocking truth is, however, nine times out of ten this will turn into an ongoing court battle over the next several years to determine who should have a piece of the pie when none of them are worthy.


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