The Lions are in an Uproar Over Cecil

lion 1

Lions are in an uproar so to say about everybody’s media publicity of Cecil the lion. Now Lions have decided to take matters into their own hands. A lion inside of a safari park decided it was going to open a family’s car door. When you’re in Africa you should have your car door locked to begin with especially in a safari park!

The lion was thinking about grabbing somebody out and taking them out for lunch. Luckily a quick acting occupant of the vehicle managed to grab the door, shut it and actually locked it this time. This just goes to show that that cute cuddly cat might decide to have you for lunch and then take a cat nap.


At the same time there is another story about a lion. A photographer was taking pictures in Pakistan. He was 38 years old and decided to sit down on the ground a few feet away from a male lion and take his picture. However the Lions and not care for this much and once again nearly took the man out for lunch. Point being sometimes I think Lions want to be left alone and I ain’t lyin!

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