The Many Shocking Truths Surrounding FiFi the Bear

This story is one that holds many different shocking truths. One shocking truth is that there are thousands of animals if not millions of animals around the world that are held in captivity neglected, and abused. Another shocking truth is that many of these animals will never know what it’s like to live in their natural habitats or to live a normal life. In fact, many of these animals pass away every year due to the conditions of their environment.

FiFi When Rescued

On a brighter note there are some positive shocking truths as well. One of those is that there are compassionate and caring individuals left in the world that sometimes locate these animals and help to rehabilitate them. Luckily that is the case in the story of Fifi, the bear. Fifi was held in captivity and forced to perform tricks with other bears in a zoo that was shut down for violations of Animal Welfare back in the 1990s.

FiFi After Rehabilitation and 1st Hibernation

When Fifi and her cell mates were located, they were in detrimental shape. FiFi personally was suffering from arthritis and had very little muscle. Since being rescued Fifi has gained back all of her muscles and her once then Coach is now sick and of natural color. For the first time possibly ever in Fifi’s life, she was able to hibernate this past winter. A big thank you to the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado for saving Fifi and everything that you do for animals in general.

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