The Many Shocking Uses of Cucumbers

The shocking truth is people are becoming strangely and more particularly odd on a regular basis. Things are being done with items that shouldn’t be done and that is the shocking truth. Take for example the Cucumber. People have been doing things lately with the Cucumber that just is not meant to be. You can use your imagination and imagine what people can do with a cucumber. Of course, people have stuck cucumbers there and there too.

These cucumbers have been lodged in these places and discovered upon x-ray or individuals are clueless as to how these cucumbers ended up there. Also, there is the trend of scaring the hell out of your cat with a cucumber. This is a very trivial and childish use of a cucumber in which people with way too much money and too much food show their true colors.


If that wasn’t enough, now cucumbers are being used in predicting Euro results. Allegedly there is a clairvoyant cucumber that has been accurately predicting the results for the Euro 2016. What will they think of next for the use of a cucumber? Sex toys, cat toys, and now psychic tools! I guess people can find a use for anything when they put their minds to it and that’s the shocking truth.

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