The Military May Soon Require Equal Rights When it Comes to Military Drafts

It may sound mean, but the shocking truth is women have been fighting for equal rights for decades now, and they may just get what they asked for. The Senate recently voted to pass a bill that would require women over the age of 18 to register for the military draft. For those of you that may not know a military draft is in the time of War if the government feels that the current military is not substantially big enough to fight the enemy things that those registered for the draft will be randomly selected and have to obtain military training and go off to war.

The National Defense Authorization Act is the name of the bill that would be requiring women to register for the draft. Many people believe that this is a horrible idea including Senator Ted Cruz while others feel that the United States military recently opened all positions to be available for females so they should also be required to be part of the draft and fight for their country should the time come.

The shocking truth is, unfortunately, this is probably part of a bigger plan and a war that is going to happen that we just don’t know about yet.

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