The National Power Grid Almost Went Boom

Apparently somebody was looking to make things go boom and catch on fire in Massachusetts. Firefighters were alerted to several incendiary devices found on the National Grid power lines in Tyngsboro Massachusetts on March 30th. When responding to a small brush fire under some of the lines, the firefighters noticed something strange hanging from the lines.

According to the FBI special-agent-in-charge Harold Shaw “Crews that responded to the scene noticed items that didn’t appear to be part of the transmission system and alerted National Grid National Grid assessed the situation and alerted law enforcement.” Upon arrival, the state police and FBI bomb squad technicians found multiple incendiary devices similar in construction to pipe bombs in the area.

These devices were all homemade and required that they be manually activated. The devices found were metal and of the shape of a cylinder. There is no definitive answer at this time as to how many devices were found or if there are any leads currently being pursued.

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