The Newest Gadget from Microsoft is Straight Up Sci-Fi

If you grew up in the late seventies and early eighties, you will remember Star Wars. If not apparently you were really into sports. Star Wars, of course, is the sci-fi movie that took the world by storm and captivated millions. Many fans remember Princess Leia sending a distress message to Obi One Kenobi via a holographic image that was inserted into R2D2. If not watch the original Star Wars movie that came out back in the late seventies. If you know what I’m talking about, then get ready for this one.

The shocking truth is that this is not just Hollywood cinematography any longer. Microsoft has managed to create a HoloLens that will allow you to transport anywhere in the world. Well, not you actually but a hologram version of you. The potentials for business meetings and to no longer have the means to travel around the world to attend one is endless. Microsoft uses 3D cameras placed around a room to stitch together the holographic projection that is created. It is then compressed and can be transmitted so that someone else in another location can hear, see, and interact with an individual like they are actually there.

Sometimes fiction is stranger than reality, and many will tell you that Star Wars along with Star Trek are not just movies they were the future taking place in the past. From flip phones to GPS navigational devices many of the devices that we use today mimic or imitate things that were used in Sci-Fi movies for decades.

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