The Ocean Gives Us Back Some Weird Things

When it comes to the ocean man has had the problem of throwing pretty much everything imaginable into it believing that it will never be seen again.  Sometimes things come out of the ocean itself and wash up on shore.

In particularly when it comes to the ocean some strange things wash up on the shore quite often. Sometimes it’s not always what gets washed up but what you see getting pulled up on shore.

How about a badass Bobcat catching what has to be one of the dumbest sharks in existence. Who would have thought that a Bobcat could catch a shark?

Another strange thing that washed ashore was a beach load of Doritos. Apparently a cargo ship transporting a container full of Doritos experienced some rough waters and one of the containers containing thousands of bags of Doritos busted open and fell overboard.

Those who live on the Hatteras Island of North Carolina got to enjoy cleaning up the environment while getting still sealed, fresh bags of Cool Ranch, Original, and Spicy Nacho Doritos. From what I understand North Carolina should be fortunate, they got Cool Ranch and Spicy Nacho. Should they have got one of the containers that were bound for Japan, they might have ended up with Dorito flavors like Italian seafood, wasabi mayonnaise, or winter crab. They are also happy that it wasn’t something like the handsome creature in the picture above!


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