The Oldest Message In a Bottle Found

Some strange things have been found inside of our oceans. Many people believe that the majority of the species that live in the sea are of alien descent. One thing though that everyone seems to look for when they’re near the ocean is washed up messages in a bottle. In this shocking news story, a bottle that was over a hundred and eight years old was found by a German postal worker.

Marianne Winkler found this bottle during a vacation on the Frisian islands in the North Sea. Mrs.Winkler returned the bottle to the Marine Biological Association in the UK as the message requested. For returning this message in a bottle, she received one shilling. This bottle is believed to be one of the 1020 bottles that Mr. Bidder, who was the president of the Marine Biological Association in the early forties, had released between the years of 1904 and 1906.


Many bottles were not returned and were believed to have been forever lost until this one was located last year. The Guinness World Book of Records has confirmed this message in the bottle as being the oldest in the world when it was found it was 108 years, four months and eighteen days after it had been tossed to sea.


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