The One Knock on the Door You Should Never Answer

If you live out in the country than there’s a shocking truth you need to know. If you happen to see strange little children show up at your door in the middle of the night knocking, don’t let them in. These children may seem lost and in need of help without having any adults around but this is the most dangerous thing you can imagine. If you look closer you will notice these children are not normal. They appear to be almost Amish or Mennonite children from a different time.

Upon an even closer examination you will notice their eyes are blacked out. They’re known as black eyed children. Those who have let the seamlessly innocent children into their homes have suffered the dearest of consequences. They’re animals have died, they have gone blind, had heart attacks, strokes, and even worse at times death. These children are said to show up in the middle of the night like they are in trouble knocking on the door.

When people open the door, they reluctantly will let the children in. This is when they noticed something strange about these children. When asked where their parents are or grown-ups are the children will sing their answer in a maniacally devilish voice. The power will suddenly go out and you will feel fear cripple your body.

As people tell these children they must leave, the children will look them in the eyes giving people the fear of their life. These children will then be picked up by a black car that will park at the end of a driveway where two figures can be seen waiting for the children. When the children leave the power comes back on and all hell starts breaking loose with the health of you, your family, your pets, and anyone else you came in contact with these evil black eyed children. So if you hear a knock on your door in the middle of the night and see two children out there I would think twice about opening the door. I mean think about it what kid today doesn’t have a cell phone?

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