The Oregon Vortex Has Been Causing Strange Happenings for Decades

There are laws to gravity right? If you place a golf ball at the bottom of a hill, it won’t roll up, right? Your body cannot instantly change in size right? Well, this is what I have thought my whole life, and I know I am not the only one. In Southern Oregon though there is a place that defies these odds called the Oregon Vortex and the House of Mystery. and it has been confusing and fascinating people for decades now.


Phenomenons that have been witnessed range from people changing sizes all the way to brooms balancing and standing upright while remaining perfectly still.  This House of Mystery has been causing people to scratch their heads for many years now without any concrete answers as to why these things happen in this specific place. Come to find out this is actually not the only place like this either.


Reports claim that there is another area on the property of the Knott’s Berry Farm in Southern California as well as another one  the mountains between the San Joaquin Valley and Santa Cruz California. What may be shocking to many is that things aren’t always as they may seem!

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