The Panasonic Counter-top Induction Cooker is Like Something Out of Star Trek

Induction cooking is coming to a shocking new level. This would be microwave oven sized induction ovens made by Panasonic being offered for commercial and residential applications as early as the middle of this year. Induction cooking is the way of the future. It is almost like something out of Star Trek. Not like the dehydrator where you put in the packet of food and 10 seconds later out pops a full Thanksgiving turkey dinner.

This is actually a method of cooking that uses electromagnetic fields to heat the pan to cook with. By doing this, it avoids the lengthy process of preheating your oven. An oven is a very time-consuming appliance. However when you turn your oven and burners on it can run up your power bill. Induction cooking is not only more efficient for power, but it is also quicker.

Sometimes quicker isn’t necessarily better. This is usually the case when something comes out, and the quality is compromised. This is not the case however with Panasonic’s induction oven. By saving you time and giving you quality food that tastes great, Panasonic is offering a device that is sure to shape the future of the way we create culinary cuisine at home.

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