The Penis Crippler

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Professional wrestling has become quite outlandish over the years. From ladder matches, Texas barbwire matches, to all sorts of other insane stunts to help boost ratings. Each wrestler has a finishing move or a signature move. I have seen all types of different signature moves in wrestling over the years. I personally do not watch wrestling much anymore because I believe it turned into a bit too much of a soap opera, and the sport was taken out of it. I did enjoy the great days of Andre the Giant, Hulk Hogan, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, the Four Horsemen, Ric Flair, and the glow of the gorgeous ladies of wrestling.

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However, there is a professional wrestler by the name of Joey Ryan that has a move unlike any other. It is referred to as the weaponized penis. In this odd choice of wrestling moves, individuals latch onto each other’s manhood tugging and pulling while screaming out in excruciating pain or pleasure I can’t quite tell.


Definitely not my thing and as the professional wrestling announcer said this is definitely not your dad’s wrestling! If you feel the need to watch this one for yourself here’s the shocking video of the penis crippler, or penis annihilator, penis purger, weaponizes penis or whatever it is but you want to call it. So beware, wrestlers, if you run across a guy named Joey Ryan he might just pull you in and before you know it you’ll have a handful of his junk.


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