The Power of Good Stands A Chance Against The Evil of the World

The power of good vs evil has been going on behind the scenes for thousands of years. As the Gods danced across the stars witting their might against one another the battle of good vs evil has made for a cosmic show. That same battle that has spread across the cosmos is here and taking place on the planet Earth right now as you read this. The celestial beings that have played a game of creation set their seeds here on earth long ago. They have led the world down a path that appears to be evolution. This path however is a false one that is built with the stones of lies.




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Maybe you are a religious person and believe in one God. Maybe you are a person of science who believes in the theory of evolving over millions of years throughout countless galaxies to have become where and what we are today one thing is certain. We are here and it was and is by no accident. While we journey to discover our purpose we have been known to be hostile in our approach. Very animalistic if you will. The world and life on it has been known to be a bit hostile and destructive when we don’t get our way. Now the planet is seeing a new people who will bring change.

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The Rainbow Family is amongst us now and they are making a positive change to help get our planet back from the one percenters. The Rainbow Warriors are not coming forth with guns and violence they are instead coming forth with love and patience. This group has a symbiotic relationship with earth and everything on it understanding that we must all co-exist together. The power of love and the influence of goodness is starting to happen and this can be seen in the emerging cannabis culture. A peaceful plant loving earth children, the essence of the Rainbow Family centered on compassion and love are here to change the one percenters grasp on humanity. Stay tuned for more about this enlightening movement on the shocking truths.

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