The President Did What?

When you hear the phrase the president did what, it definitely makes you wonder. Everybody in their right mind has to take a look because presidents are known to do some wildly outlandish things. Some of these things go down in history while others go down in infamy. Amazingly the shocking truth about this story is Obama’s not in it. Former United States of America presidents, however, are in the story.

Take for example Lyndon B Johnson. This US president was so busy that when it came to conducting interviews with reporters and aides, he would have them follow him to the bathroom for interviews. Kind of an s***** way to give an interview. Andrew Johnson became president after Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. During this fragile time, how did Andrew Johnson handle his inauguration? He showed up drunk of course. President Benjamin Harrison wasn’t afraid of the dark he was just afraid of electricity in general. So scared in fact that he would not touch a light switch personally. This meant the lights were always on in the presidential bedroom.

Last but not least in this strange presidential tale we have Grover Cleveland. Frances Folsom became the youngest first lady in history as well as the wife of Grover Cleveland. Grover took responsibility and helping to raise and direct Francis from the time she was 11 years old after her father passed away. 10 years later Grover had Francis come right over, and it wasn’t to play Red Rover. Many people are comparing this strange presidential relationship as potentially being Donald Trump and his daughter.

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