The Prince has Passed Away and is On To His Next Journey

Prince passes away at his studio at the age of 56. He left us with songs that will live throughout history.  Unfortunately, some people are looking for ratings when it comes to the end of this music icon. The shocking truth is the media has no respect for anybody. When it comes to announcing the passing of an individual today the headlines will read shocking news so and so is dead! Shocking news so-and-so died! Shocking news this person found dead!

The real shocking truth is that people in the media profession have lost most every shred of humanity they have.Even as a writer myself I have enough decency for human life when respect it deserved to say the individual has passed. Perhaps even the individual has taken the next journey. To see how people so carelessly tossed around headlines is just further more proof that the average person is only drawn to such horrendous and disrespectful headlines as this. Take a look at Prince for example. If you go online and look up articles on Prince, you will see a shining example of this lack of respect by the media.

Perhaps when you choose somebody to write for you, you should choose somebody that understands wordsmithing as well as the individuals in which you are writing for. If you are trying to appeal to people that like to read about people that were found dead or people that died then perhaps you’re just appealing to the wrong crowd.  The shocking truth is media really doesn’t care for the most part and the ones that do never really get a chance to be heard.

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