The Problem and Solution You Probably Aren’t Thinking About

Over the past four decades, the world has been plagued with new viruses and diseases. These illnesses that have affected millions of people around the world seem to have come out of nowhere. The shocking truth behind these illnesses is many of them were man-made. What is even more shocking than that is that people were purposely infected with these diseases and illnesses according to many who do not conform to typical measures in society.

Our water has been contaminated; our skies are blasted with chemtrails that control and weaponize our weather as well as vaccinate people against their will. What if I were to tell you that the cure for this problem lies with cannabis. That’s right cannabis! Marijuana and hemp together can save the planet. They can provide a cure for multiple sicknesses and illnesses while working on cleaning our planet up through purifying the air, cutting back on deforestation and our dependency on fossil fuels.

All of this while using phytoremediation to clean the soil and make it even healthier than before it was planted. Sow some seeds. Dana Larsen is a cannabis activist in Canada who has a mission that is called OverGrow Canada. We should all take from this and OverGrow the planet. A clean, green happier tomorrow is within our reach; we just need to Legalize It!

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