The Race to Space is On and Everyone is Packing Their Bags

The shocking truth is the government has planned on leaving the planet for over a decade now. Their plans have been laid all across the internet. They will be selling off the last of the world’s remaining resources in order to purchase what they see as necessity items to take with them on their out of this world travel. Well, some are starting to ramp up the space race you will notice countries around the world participating.

Even India has a miniature shuttle to take tiny people into space at half price. These governments are all getting into the race to outer space because our planet is dying and all the people left here will be left to die with it. The leaders of the United States of America along with other leaders from around the globe have conspired against the people to keep a secret. This secret is there are already own a colony established on Mars for select individuals.

This is why you are starting to see so much about the space race and getting to Mars. While the government still thrives on individuals who feed the conspiracy theory that we have never been to outer space and that the whole Space Program is a scam to invest money it helps to cover up the truth that they are already further than we can imagine.


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