The Real Reason for the Nicki Minaj / Miley Cyrus Feud- Unicorns and Vagina

The shocking truth is Nicki Minaj’s  vagina is from Sri Lanka at least that is what is circulating the internet. In further news regarding Nicki Minaj and Sri Lanka it is also reported that they hunt unicorns there. This is apparently the reasons behind the Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus feud. Miley Cyrus loves unicorns whereas Sri Lankans love to hunt unicorns.

When Mark Zuckerberg was going to give away a unicorn this is where Miley Cyrus was favored. Nicki Minaj had much more success on Twitter where people do not fall victim to senseless non-sense like on Facebook. They hunt unicorns not try and win them! However it is unclear whether rumors that Miley Cyrus’s vagina is also from Sri Lanka! Internet rumors say that as a little girl she was born in Sri Lanka but escaped early in life and put the place behind her. Her love of unicorns came because she could not stand to see the majestic creatures hunted any longer.

Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus could their vaginas both be from Sri Lanka? Perhaps it doesn’t even matter as long as neither one of them are rocking gold teeth and fangs. The crazy rumors that circulate the internet will never cease to amaze me and that’s the shocking truth!


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