The Real Reason Things Are So Expensive

Ever wonder why you have to pay a ridiculous amount for many services out there today? Well, the shocking truth is it’s not the products that you’re paying for it is the many perks and bonuses that the executives of these companies get and are used to that you are really paying for. We have heard of some outlandish things being gifted to executives such as the tech company that recently gifted a night with a pornstar as a year-end perk, but that is nothing in comparison to some of these. Here are some of the other shocking things that have been gifted and wrote off as business expenses for those high up executives.


In 2014, Google paid its executive chairman to fly attendees of a secret conference back and forth in different planes. The cost of this exceeded $650,000. Still to this day, no one really knows where this conference was or what it was even about.In 2015, Hewlett-Packard Incorporated paid 2 million dollars to relocate Dion Weisler their CEO from Singapore to Palo Alto. Twitter executives including Dick Costolo racked in over $100,000 in personal car services in one year.

Evidently there must be people out to get the CEO of PayPal as PayPal has paid over $109,000 for its CEO Dan Schulman to have extra security while on personal vacations. That’s nothing though in comparison to the amount that Amazon has paid to protect Jeff Bezos. That ticket is said to exceed 1.5 million dollars annually. The next time you use PayPal and see that they’re charging you outrages fines, or you utilize Amazon and pay outrageous prices for shitty products or if you go to buy an HP computer just remember it’s not the product that you’re purchasing or the services you’re just simply helping to support these outlandish and unnecessary expenses.


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